Hospital to Home Legacy



Hot off the creative press, Hospital to Home volunteers have written poems and short stories capturing their feeling about volunteering and giving the older vulnerable patients they support a voice.  Creating a unique legacy for the Hospital to Home project.

Creative Writer Romi Jones guided the volunteers in a series of workshops and one to one sessions to uncover their writing talents. Romi specialises in working with older people and those with dementia, and was notified during her work on the project she had been awarded a Winston Churchill Travel Fellowship to go to Canada and USA to research the practice of creative writing with people with dementia and its links with the development of Dementia Friendly Communities.

A big thank you goes to Romi for inspiring the volunteers to produce work with honesty, passion and humanity. Volunteer Luiza wrote ‘ the lines would make me  laugh, smile and cry a bit, as they are charged with so much emotion and pathos. I did recognize my words & thoughts, and thank you for considering them worthy of being published. In my opinion, it reflects both volunteers and patients’ voice with regards to ‘life & treatment’ in hospital…. I hope our work….. will be seen as a legacy, and will make people appreciate those who give their spare time for free, and wish to help others’



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