Wansbeck General Hospital – Volunteers Go Live

Mealtime and Wellbeing Volunteers are slowly being introduced onto Ward 6 at Wansbeck General Hospital in Northumberland.  Many of the volunteers were gained with the assistance of Anne Raine from Age UK Northumberland in a joint volunteer recruitment event on 4th September with our Hospital to Home Volunteer Co-ordinator Carole.

julie 008Carol 1

As you can see from the documents below our volunteers need to go through an extensive recruitment process and unfortunately many drop out along the way. However after role training most volunteers are soon eager to start their role.  

Overview of Hospital Mealtime Volunteer Recruitment & Training Process

Overview of Hospital Wellbeing Volunteer Recruitment & Training Process

Volunteer Mealtime training took place on 7th November and 6 new volunteers attended. The volunteers had a lively morning training session. Please see the Resources page for the 3 presentations including one from Chris Craig (NHS Nutrition Nurse Specialist) and Debbie Simons (NHS Speech and Language Therapist).  Both presentations were well received especially when the volunteers had to feed each other custard and biscuits, with eyes closed!

 Final - Mealtime training WGH

Volunteer Wellbeing training followed on the 21st November and Jo Mackintosh from the NHS Patient experience Team and Kathy Catling from the NHS POAS team (mental health) presented. Nine volunteers attended and everyone clearly enjoyed the giant size scones provided by Age UK Northumberland café.

Volunteers Judith and Emily have recently started on ward 6 and are doing both a Mealtime and Wellbeing role. Alongside Affiliated Mealtime Volunteer Pauline (HVS existing volunteer) and our first Wansbeck Wellbeing volunteer Luiza who started in October 2013.

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