Consultation Event

Consultation event - talk

A consultation event was held at Age UK North Tyneside’s Cedar Grove Wellbeing Centre on Friday 13 September 2013, hosted by Julie Dixon-Patterson (Hospital to Home) and Gary Thompson (Enabling & Befriending). The community Enabling and Befriending Service being a natural pathway after the Hospital to Home Project.

Consultation event - me & gary

Event agenda:

1.30pm – Meet and Greet

1.45pm – Introduction

1.50pm – Hospital to Home project update

2.00pm – Enabling and Befriending Service

2.10pm – Exercise 1 (question cards 1, 2 and 3)

2.30pm – Afternoon tea and cakes

3.00pm – Feedback from exercise 1

3.10pm – Changes in the healthcare landscape (preventing hospital readmission)

3.15 Exercise 2 (Ideal world)

3.15 Closing speech and raffle prize draw

Over 50 Age UK customers and volunteers attended alongside representatives from North Tyneside Council, Northumbria NHS, North Tyneside Carers and Healthwatch.

The Hospital to Home and Enabling and Befriending were discussed together with a new service  ‘telephone befriending’. Views were gathered on exactly what people want from these services and how they should be delivered.

Exercise 1  – Team task

Card 1 – What do you think people most need when coming out of hospital?

Card 2 – How useful is telephone befriending?

Card 3 – What qualities would you look for in a volunteer visiting or telephoning you?

Consultation event - group work

Exercise 2  – Ideal World, individual Post-It Note task:

Question posed – What help do you need? a) newly out of hospital, b) living with a long term condition

Consultation event - group work 2

The overwhelming response was that there was a huge need for services to support people in the community and project staff from Age UK North Tyneside certainly came away with some ‘food for thought’ on how they could shape these services moving forward. Open the word document below to find a summary of the findings.

Consultation Event Feedback

Consultation event - feedback

John Connelly – Head of Community Services for Age UK North Tyneside said  ‘it was great to see so many people at the event and to get such a good cross-section of views on our current services, and how we can move these forward to further satisfy the needs of our customers. Many of our customers have first hand experience of going into and coming out of hospital, and it is important to provide additional help at this time. Ultimately we hope that our interventions can have a very positive impact and help reduce the number of hospital admissions and re-admissions amongst older people.’

Consultation event - prizes

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