Ward 3 Events Rock & Roll

Thanks to Pam Walker’s hard work creating 1950’s and 60’s reminiscence activities and her amazing flair for engaging everyone in the party mood, the last 3 gossip events on ward 3 at North Tyneside General Hospital have gone down a storm with patients, cares and staff. Supporting Pam have been the Wellbeing volunteers Alf, Amy, Dorothy and Malcolm, without their assistance in the day room and bays (supporting those patient unable leave their beds) the events wouldn’t be possible.

Ward Manager Bev Banks is so thrilled with the events that she wants them to go on a monthly rolling cycle, so we naturally obliged:

Wednesday 11th September 2013

Relive 1950’s & 1960’s Movie Stars


Wednesday 16th October 2013

Relive 1950’s & 1960’s Rock & Roll Stars


Wednesday 15h November 2013

Relive 1950’s & 1960’s TV


Bev has notice the lasting positive effect on patients wellbeing and told us, a week before an event everyone starts to talk and gets excited as people see the posters and carers are given the reminder slips. Weeks afterward the patients are still taking about the event to wards staff and more importantly to each other.

Amazingly the physiotherapy team are even using the popularity of the events to encourage patients to practice their walking to the day room!

In the last event on 14th August (1950’s and 60’s TV) I noticed a few patients from Ward 2 had come to join the fun. Also Heather Carr (Hospital Governor)  popped in and ended up staying till the end. Good job Bev had ordered plenty of tea and cakes!

One patient told me once she was in the day room she started talking to people and realised one of her neighbours was on the ward.  The lady stated:

For a short time felt out of hospital. Forgot my aches and pains and just laughed… People start to talk to each… lifted me right up”

We also received a fantastic e-mail from a senior member of NHS staff which stated:

‘several people have passed comments about how nice ward 3 “feels” in terms of its tea events and activities and have asked how and when we can extend the programme’

A protocol has been drawn up with the NHS for these events, as we like to share our resources and learning it is attached below and on the Resources page

Event Protocol – Wellbeing and Information Programme

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