Wellbeing Volunteering with Dorothy

DorothyDorothy who is both an Observation Volunteer and a newly trained Wellbeing Volunteer chatted with me excitedly about her experiences on ward 3 at North Tyneside General Hospital over a coffee.

Question: What was your first day like?

Answer: I was really nervous and excited at the same time. The 50′ and 60’s music event was really well attended in the day room, so I chatted to men on the ward who were unable to make it to the room. One man told me he liked to keep himself to himself, I said I was the same and chatted to the other men in the bay, however when I left he shout to me ‘Hey you, see you next week’!

Question: What was the music & quiz like, are you an Elvis or Cliff fan?

Answer: Elvis definitely. The men enjoyed the music it brought back memories. I didn’t do the quiz as they all wanted to chat.

Question: You took a book in the next week to show the male patients  pictures of pubs and buildings in North Shield, how did that go down?

Answer: I went to ward 2 by mistake, the wards all look the same. Didn’t realise till I had chatted to the men for a while, they all enjoyed looking at the photo’s. Everyone had a good laugh at me the next week on ward 3 and they won’t let me forget it!

Julie:  I heard from Bev Banks (Ward 3 Manager) that you went down a storm on ward 2 and they want you back, she was worried she might lose you.

Question: What has been the highlight so far as a Wellbeing Volunteer?

Answer: There was an old lady who was frightened and confused at being in hospital, just like my mum, and wanted to go home. I stroked her hand and chatted to her with a nurse and she calmed down and fell asleep.

As you can see Dorothy is a natural and a real asset, nothing phases her.

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