New Project Lead


Hi  I’m John Connelly, and I have recently taken up position of Head of Community Services and will be assuming Sanda Gray’s role as Project Lead.

3 weeks into my role and I have met a wide range of people and customers, and it is really encouraging to see some of the great work our Organisation is doing for the older people in North Tyneside.

None more so than our own Hospital to Home Project.

 I recently attended a “Silverdreams” event, with Julie,  in Birmingham on 4th July along with a number of other delegates who are doing a wide variety of projects dedicated to enriching the lives of our older communities. It was great to see and hear the passion and dedication around the room and also to share experiences and some of the challenges that we face in delivering these type of projects.

Birmingham Event

There was a good sense of camaraderie, some humour and some good support from the Big Lottery Fund and Ecorys teams in facilitating the event.

I certainly came away with a greater understanding of our own project, more awareness of the common challenges and goals but probably more so the determination of everyone to ensure that we succeed.

A great day and a great experience

Until the next time !!

John C

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