Talk on the Ward

Taking time to building relationships is the key to success, certainly true for our project and we would like to thank North Tyneside General Hospital staff from Ward 9 and Ward 3 for welcoming us and making our volunteers feel appreciated and part of their team. As Raymond Davidson, Ward 9 Manager tells all volunteers ‘you are part of my team’.

NTGH entrance

We hope to build a similar  relationship with Ward 6 at Wansbeck General Hospital,  and given the positive feedback fromWard Manager  Amanda  Malby and her dedicated Nutritional Assistant Hazel who stated  ‘ volunteers help bring people together’ we have high hopes.


Here’s a snapshot of the fabulous feedback from staff, patients and visitors.

Baseline – Ward Staff surveys:

  • 100% Strongly agree   – Mealtime volunteers would provide valuable support to ward staff.
  • 100% Strongly agree – Mealtime volunteers would make mealtimes more sociable and enjoyable for patients
  • 59% Strongly agreed & 41% Agreed – Wellbeing volunteers would make afternoons more sociable and enjoyable for patients
  • 64% Strongly agreed & 32% Agreed – Wellbeing volunteers could reduce loneliness and boredom of patients.

Survey Comments:

‘I think mealtime volunteer would be a great help to the staff on ward 9 as the ward is very busy around mealtimes’

‘I think mealtime volunteers would be valuable members of the team’

‘This project sounds like a great idea to stimulate patients and keep their mood high which is essential in progressing their rehab.’

‘I feel strongly that Hospital Wellbeing Volunteers will be an essential member(s) if the ward team, due to the interacting and support they will be able to provide to our patients, especially those who have no family or visitors.’


This weeks – Talk on the Ward

Gemma ( Ward Sister)

‘I enjoy my work, and more so now, as I feel that myself and all the staff on the ward, volunteers and external agencies are making a difference and helping patients throughout their hospital stay’

Ward 9 sister - Emma


Lindsay (Orthogeriatric Specialist Nurse)

‘On Friday four ladies, three with dementia were brought in the dayroom and a Foster & Allen CD was played [donated by the Mealtime Volunteers Ann & Jean]. All four ladies started to sign, hum. All had their feet tapping and were clapping along. Two ladies in particular really came out of their shells.’

Ward 9 specialist nurse - Lyndsey

Maggie (Student nurse)

‘It was an eye opener for me to see how much help the Wellbeing Volunteers are for the ward staff and the patients. This is the first time I had a chance to work alongside volunteers in this hospital and I was gobsmacked to see them when I arrived on the ward, even more shocked when I watched them positively interacting with patients. I appreciate their input and admire every one of them.’

Amy (Wellbeing Volunteer)

‘Patient commented on how good the project will be after I explained what the Hospital to Home scheme is. She said she felt a lot of people would benefit from it.’

‘Spoke to one patient about her family and living in America. Her friend came along and we spoke together about the scheme and how it helps. All were very positive and though we were doing well.’

‘Visited a lady who lives far up the coast (Berwick) who had a fall and didn’t have many visitors. She enjoyed the conversation and was telling me how she met her husband. We also exchanged gardening tips!

Alf (Wellbeing Volunteer)

‘Relative of a patient I spoke to last week thanked me for spending time which had been reported to her by patient’

‘Lady said she was surprised to have a visitor (me). Great chat.’

‘First contact particularly happy to break the boredom by having our conversation. Another came to life when we looked at his scrap book. Another visitor expressed delight with this new initiative”

Member of staff Ward 9

‘Enjoyable afternoon for all with Malcolm [Wellbeing Volunteer] and well being for both staff and patients. Introduced topics of conversation. Confused elderly patients seamed calmer and more involved. I support this and think this is a very positive move…when music played patients outwardly happy and smiling.

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