Shared Learning, Shared Purpose

Last week two significant events took place, firstly a major shared learning occasion where Julie attended the new Northumbria Healthcare two day course for NHS staff “Learning about the Patient” which focused heavily on dignity and respect for elderly patients with dementia, delirium or depression.

Secondly, Northumbria Healthcare’s Shared Purpose launch event, where Sandra Grey (Age UK – Health and Wellbeing Director), was a guest speaker presenting “Northumbria’s Partnership with Age UK”.  Julie and I were in supporting roles at the event, which included group work on hospital ward dignity and many impressive presentations including the key note address “Dignity in Practice” by Dr Win Tadd of Cardiff University,   Aileen Beatty from the NHS POAS team on “Changing Environments to Meet the Needs of Older People” and Tracy Young Modern Matron at North Tyneside General Hospital on “Improving Nutrition”.

Shared Purpose 001

A big congratulation is in order to Annie Laverty, NHS Patient Experience Director and her team for organising this amazing event.Shared Purpose 006

The event was a fantastic opportunity to hear from individuals directly and hear their passion and motivation that lies behind Shared Purpose, the room was filled with enthusiastic discussions and ideas  and certainly gave us food for thought in the coming months.  It was a great chance to build relations with NHS staff and meeting some of them for the first time; it certainly benefits our growing partnership.

Shared Purpose 008Shared Purpose 005

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